See the Submissions page for more information about the kind of work we are looking for at concīs, some of our inspirations and our publishing schedule.

  • Poems under 20 lines or prose (or prose poems) under 250 words.
  • Submit up to 5 pieces in one submission (no fee).
    • One submission here (or as a Supporting Submitter) at a time. Once you've been accepted or rejected, you're welcome to submit again! But...
    • Simultaneous submissions elsewhere are fine.
  • Decisions can take up to 45 days but are often much faster. 
  • Payment: $20 per piece or, if you choose to donate your payment, we'll add $5 and donate $25 to charity (currently: Room to Read).

» Length is the one solid guideline we have; please don't ignore it! The whole point of concīs is to publish short, powerful work...

» Our previously published work and work on our Inspirations page give an idea of what we've enjoyed in the past...the future is unknown when it comes to form, genre, style, medium: surprise us! 

» In addition to limited electronic rights (one-time rights for the web site and the associated digital Seasonal issue/collection), we ask that accepted authors acknowledge concīs ( in future publications of those works.

» And please, just one submission of up to five works at a time!

» Previously published work is allowed if the previous publication was in print or not obviously available in another venue. But be aware: we very rarely publish such work.

» We appreciate your generosity in considering us as a place to share your valuable work.

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